What is Welbnb?


    Welbnb is an innovative startup in short term rental management based in Marrakech with a simple principle: to be your trusted property keeper. At Welbnb, the term "keeper" does not only mean looking after your property. We assign the keeper a wider area with a range of actions based on :

    Optimizing of occupancy rate:

    Our marketing team handles the creation of your listing via eye-catching text and photos, as well as broadcasting on multiple channels. The enhancement of your property will be guaranteed!

    Rental Management:

    Our keepers handle the management of your bookings on the site, by selecting renters based on predetermined criteria, supporting them throughout their stay (check-in/check-out, assistance), and offering housekeeping and laundry services. Receiving renters will require zero effort from now on!


    Simply leave us your keys and make your revenue grow with no constraint!

    Who is Welbnb intended for?

    Welbnb takes care of properties located in Marrakech and of which the owners, mostly Europeans, are either absent or not very present in the year. Our teams take care of properties that meet the conventional criteria of short term renting, namely: being in good condition (equipped and furnished) and well situated.

    How to subscribe to Welbnb services?

    Fill in your details by completing the contact form or write to us at contact@welbnb.com. Our teams will quickly get back to you to discuss your property.


    After the initial contact and with your approval, we arrange a date (in Marrakech or Paris) to administratively validate our collaboration and receive a spare key. The renting process can then begin.



    How much will I earn?


    You will earn more thanks to us, that's for sure! However, it is difficult to estimate an exact amount before knowing the characteristics of your property.

    The care taken in the writing of listings, the relevant selection of broadcasting channels and our presence in Marrakech year round are all advantages towards ensuring the maximum profitability of your property.

    How much will it cost?


    No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises! Our teams ensure the comprehensive management of your properties for only 20% incl. tax of the total amount of each property. The pricing is subject to your specific needs. No booking, no costs.

    An extra charge will be billed for pool and garden maintenance.

    What is The Difference Between the Comprehensive and The On-demand Management?

    All-in-one Management:

    Upon leaving us your keys, Welbnb handles everything: Advertising photographs, listing creation, booking management, renters reception, housekeeping, laundry and support.

    It will cost you only 20% of the amount charged to the client.

    On-demand Management:

    Try our services with zero commitment. We manage your property according to your specific needs. Use our services whenever you like and just pay as you go. Starting at €9.90 incl. tax.

    How are my occupiers selected?


    The occupier selection is of paramount importance to us. We verify reviews through the profiles of future renters on websites such as Airbnb, and in addition to this you can impose criteria (e.g: no animals, etc).


    Ultimately, we may contact them by phone to confirm they match the specific characteristics of your property. It should also be noted that each occupier has to pay a deposit for their stay, which allows us additional guarantees.

    Do I need to own an Airbnb account?

    If you own an Airbnb account, we will handle its management during our collaboration but naturally, you remain the owner of your account (records, ratings, photos).


    If you do not own any account, our teams will create one for you.


    In which cities is Welbnb present?

    Welbnb currently offers its services in Marrakech.

    In the near future we will also offer services in Agadir, Casablanca, Essaouira, Tangier and Tétouan.

    I appreciate what you are doing, how can I help?

    Thank you for your interest in Welbnb! Talk about us to people you know via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages @Welbnb​

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